Todas las palabras no se las lleva el viento ¡

Not all words are blown away with the wind
(Mis poemas traducidos por una amiga)….. y yo sin saber inglés ¡

Once the light goes out
The moon awakes
You, my shining star
Rest at dawn

After the night
Dawn breaks
And you the sun awaken
My sun at break of day
Sun that lights up my life
Life that brings love,
You my love

There have been intimate, fantastic moments
Full of love
I love you.  It’s snowing and for me snow has
a special meaning.  You know already.
I miss you and already want
To see you again.

If I could look at you for a while
If I could have you for a while
That’s what I desire
You’re what I love most
In the night you’re my dream
My magic by day
You’re what I love most
That’s how I feel

I love you, I think of you all the time
You’re unexpected, a box of surprises
Thousands of kisses

Goodnight my love
Your perfume is in the air
Your happiness in my head
Your love is in my heart
You can breathe and sense them in the distance.

Goodnight I’m thinking of you
You’re a sweetheart and brilliant.  You fill me up.
Kisses of the kind you like
Of orange blossom

Two naked bodies
Alone where the stars reside
Tirelessly invent desire
Stars burn when they love
Like two shooting stars in the heavens
Our bodies when we embrace
I’m with you when I’m without you
Like two stars in the firmament.

My god, how I miss you and yearn for you
I can’t wait to be next to you.
To feel the heat of your skin and taste of your kisses
All for you, and more

I nurture and pamper your love
Your happiness mine
You; I we’ll walk amongst the stars
Happy times will return
Life a happy smile, my love

I miss you and I need you
You will always be my sweetheart, my confidante
My strength, my love
I’m bewitched by you
And so I hand you the oars of this sailing vessel
All my kisses for you

Tell me woman where do you hide your mystery?
More secretive, the more naked
Show me your body at rest
Show me the slowness of time
There are words my love!
That aren’t blown away with the wind



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